Disney Royals Collection: Sleeping Beauty By Minions’ Photography

Today we released our first set of photos from our “Disney Royals Collection” with one of my favorite princesses, Aurora.

Doing this photoshoot brought back many happy memories from our childhood. We got to be with Aurora in person as she  walked through the woods in search of her prince from a dream. We experienced her anguish as she sat in her room longing for Phillip and thinking that she would never get to be with her true love. We cringed with dread when we saw the queer look in her eye as she was led down the passage way by Maleficent to prick her finger on the spindle.

I hope you all enjoy this visual journey of our Sleeping Beauty as much as we did living it with Aurora. If you do please share our photos on social media, either Pinterest, Facebook or the social site of your choice. Thank you!


Minions’ Photography

Sleeping Beauty: Through the Woods

Sleeping Beauty: Through the Woods


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