The Cowboy Blend and a Macro Lens

coffee-el-paso-texas-photography-mystic-monksThe Cowboy Blend Coffee by Mystic Monk Coffee ( is a mix of richness and bold flavor. It is where a medium and dark roast come together perfectly to create a smooth, yet bold cup of coffee. Since we are heavy coffee drinkers, or as some like to call us “coffee addicts”, we tend to be critical of that beautiful, indulgent drink we can’t seem to function with out. You can drink The Cowboy Blend, black; with cream; or with cream, and sugar and you still will hold in your hands an enjoyable and flavorful drink that will please your palate. It has delicate hints of flavors but still carry’s with it a robustness to be enjoyed.

As I was making coffee, dumping the beans into the blender as I always do I noticed the varying colors before my eyes. They were rich and diverse and I thought I should capture a photo of that. I pulled out my phone and the awesome attachable macro lens I got from my siblings for a birthday present and snapped a few pictures. This one was my favorite. I liked how you could see the details of the beans and how their color came through. I have been going crazy with my macro lens and phone camera because I think it looks awesome and it’s tons of fun. You should try it. Both the coffee, and the lens…

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