Sleeping Beauty, a Fairytale Captured

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived in the woods. Her name was Briar Rose…

We all dream of fairytales and long to be a part of the perfect, “Happily Ever After.” If we really thought about it though would we want to live in a world with no air conditioner or heater? No more favorite movies, music, and all sorts of other things we take for granted on a daily basis. I mean sure there are things I could definitely live without but we have to realize sometimes how comfortable our lives can be.

 Not to mention in fairytales there are dragons, scary witches, evil fairies, trolls, ogres, and all sorts of things that would make “Once Upon a Time” a somewhat nasty experience.  

Though I seem as if I would never embark on such an adventure, the truth is I would love to be in a fairytale at least once…as long as I could eventually come back of course. 

This photoshoot was as is if we entered into a magical story and the experience was magnificent. It was even a little surprising. 

I saw Aurora before my eyes. Not an imitation but the heroine herself. She was beauty, strength, and grace. It gave me chills of awe gazing at the scene. I felt as if I had been transported to a kingdom far away. That could be because in our family we have extremely active imaginations but I choose to believe that in a certain way we tapped into a different place and time.

In this series of Disney inspired photos we wanted to show both a traditional and modern princess. In the one image we put the two together, with the traditional Aurora almost a ghost like figure – a shimmer of an alternate life. 

I have written a post about this collection before but as I looked over the photos we took, I was inspired to write about them again.    

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