The Queen of Arendelle, a Tale from Frozen

A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen….”


Could you imagine the things you could accomplish if you had Elsa’s gift? Think for a moment what you could do. Have you thought about it? I know I have. A never-ending supply of snow cones. Seriously. You may think I am joking but you don’t know how much I love snow cones. 

But there would be more than that to create: skating rinks, snowmen, snowball fights, and cold days even in the full heat of summer. We may even forget in all our enjoyment the responsibilities that come with the gifts we receive. 

Elsa knows the weight great power gives. It is obvious in her expression as we see her unleash her magic on the water. 

That we got to capture the moment where her inner turmoils are being released and she is simply letting it all go was a pleasure to be a part of. It didn’t seem as if we were taking photographs but getting to see the Queen of Arendelle come to life.

Two lifetimes collide as Elsa gazes into a mirror to see a different version of herself letting her know it will be alright and to not fear her gift but embrace it. My imagination ran away with itself on this photoshoot. I felt like I could be in the movie and experience the crazy but lovable rock trolls, meet Olaf, and give a carrot to Sven.

I think we captured the heart and spirit of Frozen, and to be a part of that makes me happy and proud.

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