Brave, Merida’s Journey

If you could change your fate, would you?


Life is a funny thing. There is a balance between taking control and then recognizing the moments where you need to let the world weave it’s design for you. Getting to have the pleasure of creating a photoshoot about Merida reminded me of all the things in the world that we have no control over but need to accept. It also showed me how there are things we shouldn’t accept but take a stand against.

I like how we captured Merida’s fire, spunk, and of course her wild, uncontrollable, hair. We see her in a desolate field as the sun fades behind her with a look that is simultaneously peaceful and defiant. She is strong and brave, not afraid to face the ending day and look into an uncertain future.

I appreciate that about her. She is ready to make up for her mistakes, and if you are familiar with the story of “Brave” then you know she makes quite a few. But which of us haven’t?

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