Snow White, the Fairest One of All

“Bring me her heart…”


Imagine you are Snow White. Sweet, kind, good to anyone and tender towards every creature. Even with my imagination, I can’t seem to imagine myself as Snow White. I certainly have my bad days, my ups my downs, my I don’t care who’s feelings I hurt. I try not to be that way but you can’t help it sometimes.

I do however know a few people who are like Snow White. Caring, and good through and through. I could never imagine how anyone could wish for someone’s death simply because they are everything you can’t be, or strive to be but they unlike you succeed at it. I envy those I know for the ability to always see the good in people and to forgive wrongdoings done to them but I also admire it. And that is why the Queen is evil. The difference between hate and jealously is a fine line. Crossing it can be dangerously easy.

Commend those who are better then you and be grateful that they are there to affect your life. The Huntsman allowed Snow White to touch his heart. We see it on his face, the turmoil he has at following the Queen’s terrible request and then not being able to fulfill it.

I loved how this shoot turned out and how it said everything we wanted by the imagery and the expressions of Snow White and the Huntsman.

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