A Jug of Coffee, and a Day of Renovation

el-paso-texas-photography-coffee-This is a jug of coffee. Don’t worry, I shared. You may wonder how and why on earth there would be coffee in a giant pickle jar? The answer is renovation. It just so happened that our kitchen was being repainted and all the cabinets and fridge were sealed off. Not a big deal. We had thought about making lunch ahead of time and it wasn’t until about 2pm that we suddenly realized there would be no way to get our afternoon cup of coffee.

I couldn’t believe it. How could we have not been prepared? No afternoon coffee? We must have lost our minds. In this Texas household afternoon coffee is never skipped. NEVER. The three of us stood in the doorway staring into the kitchen. If we attempted to move any plastic to get out our precious coffee beans or our coffee maker, we would ruin the paint.

We couldn’t be defeated that easily. Not when coffee hung in the balance. So we brainstormed and created a plan like any good coffee addicts would; we very politely went next door and were allowed to make a pot of coffee putting it into an available pickle jar, and also taking the plastic cups offered to us. We added some cream and shook it up. Back at home, after carefully pouring the coffee from the jar (it was a two-man job, mind you), we sat back and drank out of our plastic cups and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

That is, for about ten minutes, until we needed to go back to work. But with the coffee flowing in our blood stream, it seemed like we could face anything.

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