A Struggle and How Photography and Love Get You Through

el-paso-texas-photography-pearl-dogHave you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? This has been a week of things going wrong for me and everyone in my family. I wish it was only a day but unfortunately, it seems to still be hanging over our heads. Like a flight being cancelled when you were leaving town to surprise someone, or a water pipe bursting outside the house, or the air conditioner going out, and about ten or twenty other things that seem to keep going wrong.

 Even though it’s been making us struggle through the first half of June, these trials still have offered us life lessons and moments to love. Like photographing my dog Pearl and spending some fun times with her. Isn’t she a cutie? I loved how she was sticking her tongue out at me. She is sweet, loving, kind and incredibly klutzy. Pearl can bring a smile to my face on some of my toughest days.

We have been taking even more photographs then we normally do at the prompting of our dad. You see, he recently has been getting back into photography and has been challenging us to take more photos as well. It’s so much fun getting to compare pictures with him, admire and see his work. Family, friends, and people you love, make life a little easier. We have laughed through all the difficult times this month and somehow managed to all bond a little more through every trial that arose.


So far out of these crazy weeks, photography have been the thing pulling us through. We sit down at least once a week with our parents and talk to each other about our photos and my mom has kindly been the one to review and comment on our photographs.

If we had a stressful day or things were starting to get us down we simply snapped a picture of something that we love or was special to us. For example, here is a photo of my giraffe named Gru. He of course is named after the main character in Despicable Me.

I adore giraffes. They are beautiful magnificent creatures to me even in their awkwardness.

Life is short and I find that the bumps in life bring about memories and moments you cherish. From my dog sticking out her tongue, to the family talks about photography, to a stuffed giraffe called Gru. Each precious day is another adventure and a chance to find the good in the midst of the bad.

– Jillian

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