Kenny the Lion, Um…I Mean Cat


Cats are fascinating, majestic, and hilarious creatures. At least to me anyway. It’s funny how one moment they look so regal leaping from ground to couch with ease and then the next tumbling over a table that hasn’t moved since the day the cat joined the household.

This little lion is no exception. He offers plenty of laughs and loves a good cuddle. Unlike most cats though Kenny reacts like a dog. He comes when he is called, never claws you, even when you brush his hair, and I have yet to see him get tired of getting lovings.

He thinks he is taking care of us though not the other way around. When I go to shower he is right there trying to pull me out. He is convinced that the water will kill me since he dislikes it so much. I was surprised to find him attacking the shower curtain and attempting to rescue me. Kenny was even willing to get wet as he pawed at my legs desperately crying so I would follow him out.

Getting to photograph him has been a treat. He is a patient subject and I can’t seem to get a bad photo of him. I challenge you all to go out and photograph a pet. It doesn’t even have to be your own but I would like to hear about and see what you choose to take a picture of.

Animals are fascinating creatures and I think we overlook sometimes the simple beauty and enjoyment the offer to us each and every day.

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