My Dog Pearl

el-paso-texas-photography-dogHaving a dog was something I never expected or honestly even wanted. I was content not owning a pet until one day a black dog chased our car for a quarter of a mile.
It was Pearl. I don’t know why but I instantly wanted to keep her. It might have been because her owners had abandoned her or the fact she came right up to my window and wouldn’t move. Either way she eventually became mine.

If you have read my previous post you know that Pearl is lovable and sweet but she also needs a good deal of attention and discipline. She is a Lab / Collie mix and let me tell you it causes all sorts of problems. For instance, chewing through two garden hoses which was not a fun experience. Then there was the time she wanted to trim the hedge by eating it.

She is hard work and dedication. I take her almost everyday for a two mile jog and when we are done we get back and play hide and seek. I have found this entertains her mind and keeps her slightly more sedate through the day. Then there is also playing fetch which I enjoy the most. That is what she is doing in the photo I took of her. She is leaping for the ball as it bounces from the porch.

It is always a new and fun adventure when the two of us go out and run. It has been nice having a companion as I run along and I find that since I have her it forces me to get outside more and do things I always seemed to put off before. Having Pearl has been a real treat and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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