The Beauty of the World

There are days when you need to think about where you are in your life, what you want from it, and what you need to do to make the things you don’t have, or haven’t achieved, happen. When these thoughts come upon me I tend to find I need a walk or to find a place where I feel at peace. Sometimes I travel down a busy street, and other times I long to be in nature. There are moments when I want to merely sit in a room full of books or out in a tree. Wherever I go, I do my best at the end of my walk or my time of solitude to remember how important it is to reflect and plan but also, to live.

On one of my contemplative wanderings, I came across this beautiful fox and took a photo:

red fox el paso texas

red fox el paso texas

I spotted him up in a tree that I frequently walk under. He didn’t move or even seem surprised that I was below him. He was a magnificent creature and seeing him made me realize all the things in life we simply take for granted or never experience when we don’t stop and look around.

If I had been so absorbed in the work I needed to do I would not have seen the fox or taken this photo. It is one of my favorites because in the area I live, we don’t normally see animals like him.

Around us are thousands of beautiful moments. It could be a smile for a stranger on the street or a red fox in a tree. It is important to find and partake in those moments because after all, you never know what you may see if you only choose to look.

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