Practicing Nature Photography

Garden El Paso, Texas PhotoraphyI don’t know what it is about photographing nature but I have always struggled with it. My brother, on the other hand is amazing. I have to admit I always get a little jealous when he shows me the photos he has taken. I prefer to photograph people, animals, or structures. It comes more naturally to me and I always feel pleased with the shots I take but lately I have been wanting to practice my landscape skills.

I love nature, I think it is stunning, breathtaking, and it fills me with awe at the beauty of God’s world and yet, I feel I rarely capture those emotions. I am not saying I never do. If you follow my blog you will see that one of my favorite pictures I have taken is of a Texas sunset but generally speaking, I struggle. So in honor of my brother, who is incredible, I decided to take a few pictures of nature and share them here.

The photo at the top of the post is of my garden. I love Dusty Miller for how easy it is to grow even in a desert. The color of the leaves are always a beautiful silver and can be used to make lovely bouquets, and add both a different texture and hue to a garden.

The next two photos on the right I took of Salt Cedars (found in abundance near Texas waters). The first one was taken in the morning as the sun was starting to rise and the second is in the evening right after the sun had gone to sleep.

I liked them both for the different and enjoyable colors they offered to the same scene.

I was pleased with how my nature shots turned out. I want to keep improving and getting better not only at landscape shots, but at all photography as well.

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