How Precious is the Life We Lead


Time. We have no means to control it. The seconds tick into minutes, then turn to hours and soon a day is gone. Every second is precious, though we don’t treat them as such. We simply take for granted that we may have another minute, hour, day, year, or lifetime before us.

I came upon this photo of a clock passing time. It took me by surprise that this was taken early this year and brought to mind thoughts of how quickly life can move. It seemed like it was yesterday, not over four months ago, that I watched the hands go round and snapped this picture.

I have been working on not taking moments in my life for granted. It isn’t always easy, especially when there is a lot of work to be done combined with the stressful thoughts of finishing a job, and getting more work on your mind, but our time in this life should be appreciated. It is a gift to live and breathe. Many people aren’t given the chance to see a sun rise or set. That is a sobering thought to me yet it also fills me with gratitude.

I seem to have time to accomplish the dreams I want fulfilled, and I do not want to let another day go by. There is no day like today to begin work on the things you left unaccomplished from yesterday.

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