Photographing West Texas After Rain


The other day I was getting frustrated and feeling trapped since I had been spending most my days indoors–working. I wanted to get out and go for a walk. It had rained earlier in the day and the thunderstorms were still present all around, but the weather was beautiful and the rain had stopped, so I grabbed my camera to photograph Texas.

It was peaceful and good for me both physically, and mentally. It cleared my mind to be out in the world. It was a chance to photograph for my own pleasure, and for my imagination to roam freely into the realms of story telling.

Many a story and idea have been sparked by a single photo and that day I had pictures to take and experience.


I photographed this just as the bird was taking flight while the sun was beginning its descent from the sky. All else was quiet as I listened to the birds coo for there was a multitude around me. When I moved, they moved: flocks of them soaring into the heavens and creating the sound of wind stirring gently among the trees.


The ground was moist and the air was filled with the aroma of earth and rain. I wandered alone, enjoying the simplicity that life can at times offer, away from the harsh realties that seem to crowd our days.

It was a perfect evening and one I won’t forget. Life is filled with perfect evenings and splendor, but it is up to us to go out for a walk and to find it for ourselves.

~Jillian Ivey


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