Climbing a Tree to See the World



It has been quite a few years since I have climbed a tree but the other day my childhood beckoned me. I went out to the tree I loved and memories of me playing games as a girl washed over me. I climbed inside the branches that over the years had given me protection from many of my childish fears and also had given me a place to dream.elpaso-texas-photographyI sat inside for quite some time and pondered. Mostly I thought of how I had climbed so easily as a child, since I now felt terrified to try and climb back down. You see, I hadn’t realized how high I had actually climbed and apparently I had gone higher than I knew. The view of the Texas valley was breathtaking. There were clouds building in the distance in beautiful colors of purples and pinks against the blue sky. The fields were green with grasses and nature seemed to stretch on endlessly, as the canal filled with water flowed steadily by.

After I figured out a way to climb down I decided to take a walk, wanting to photograph more of nature. If you have been following my blog you know that I have been spending more time taking landscapes. I feel I was able to capture the beauty of the evening and I enjoyed the serenity that was around me.


The summer days seem to be coming to an end, and soon fall will be on its way. I was grateful that I went and spent an evening in my childhood tree and enjoyed the warmth of summer, for I believe there are days that we simply need to climb a tree.

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