Giraffes and Why I Love Them


Photo Credit: Andrew Olson

Giraffes. I love them. Seriously they are my favorite animal…EVER. They are both regal, beautiful, and graceful creatures one moment, then klutzy, awkward, and goofy beings the next. The next photos showcase this perfectly.


I snapped this photo as I got to feed this cutie at the zoo. His tongue was soft and long. Feeding a giraffe had been on my bucket list so getting to have that dream fulfilled was more than satisfying. After feeding them, my wonderful boyfriend allowed me to sit and watch the giraffes for over half an hour at the zoo and even visit with and watch them again before we left. Needless to say, it was my favorite part of the trip!


Photo Credit: Andrew Olson

These magnificent (and at times silly) creatures are indeed fascinating to watch; the way their neck moves back and forth and their bodies sway as they walk across the grasses and hills is truly a testament to the wonders of God and nature. If you have a moment, go out to your zoo and watch a giraffe for a while. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Me Feeding a Giraffe

Me Feeding a Giraffe!


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