A Grain of Sand


Peace always comes to me when I walk along a sandy shore, the water lapping across my feet. As I walked, the clouds spread across the horizon and met the ocean that stretched endlessly on, creating splendors beyond imagination. There is so much to see and photograph in God’s world.

There is something about the wildness of the water that is simply irresistible; I am enthralled with it. It brings to mind adventures of old–stories of pirates and hidden treasures– yet also offers you reflection in a time when life moves too quickly. Being at the edge of something so vast and powerful puts things in to perspective. As I gaze at the ocean waves they stand as a reminder of how truly small we are, and it brings me a sense of calm to be reminded of this. In the water’s waves, we mean no more than a grain of sand.

I have never been one to want to go into the water very much or at least, not as much as I have on this trip. The air and the taste of salt have done something to me–and I am glad they have. Maybe it is because I get to photograph such beauty in both the morning and at night of these lovely days. There will be more posts and photos to come as I enjoy this time on the beach…DSC_2275

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