Sunset On a Beach


The picture shown is of my lovely sister-in-law before the sun sank into the limitless waters. She was looking at her camera and I loved the way the screen made her face glow. The sunset behind her was a perfect backdrop for this shot and both the gulf and my sister-in-law stood out beautifully.

Originally, trying to capture this photo was a challenge. The light was growing dim and in order for me to properly expose the sunset I would lose her to shadows, but if I properly exposed her over the background, the image would lose its vibrancy. An opportunity presented itself when she lit her face with her camera screen, unknowingly solving my problems. I saw the shot and took of it. This photo helped me realize you must, as a photographer, always be searching and looking for another way to photograph a scene. Look for another source of light or perhaps even create one. The result may surprise you and please you all at the same time much like this picture did for me.

Sunsets are a truly magnificent thing. Getting to have the pleasure of capturing breathtaking sunsets while enjoying my beachside vacation, makes me remember that I am truly blessed. You can expect to see more posts featuring beach photography from me.

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