There is Beauty Even in Sadness

butterly-sunset-beach-waterI came across this lifeless butterfly on a walk I took and it struck me how, even in the splendor that surrounded me, there was sorrow. It is inescapable. This life has both joys and tragedies. Though it is easy to see the happiness in a beautiful moment I find there is also a certain beauty in the sadness. Death is a part of this life but what we fail to realize at times is that it isn’t the end. It is merely the beginning of another story.

When I saw this creature, so small and fragile, being swept away by the waters of the ocean it made me thoughtful. If the salty waves had wanted to pull me away I would have no more control over them then the butterfly. It humbled me as I realized how vast and powerful the world is and how frail we are as human beings, from an infant in the womb to the oldest man. We must respect that our lives are given to us to live, love, laugh, and do good in this world so we may join those in the next.  I wish to protect that idea as well as I hope to welcome death in old age.

“If life pleases us, death being made by the hands of the same Creator should not displease us.” – Michael Angelo

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