The Colors of Fall


Autumn has arrived. You will find the yellow and orange hues bursting around you and people bundled up for the coming winter. I love the fall. It is one of my favorite times of year. You get to enjoy curling up on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and good book while the air is slightly crisp. Not to mention, as a photographer there is something special about capturing the season.

There have beerose-autumn-falln storms blowing into the valley and on Sunday it was the perfect opportunity to walk around the farmland and photograph autumn. It was grey and stormy with just enough wind to make it chilly. The rain drops were fresh on the leaves and ground and I walked for over an hour – enjoying the smell of the Texas earth and the freedom of where I live.

As I wandered, I found a rose barely budding. Its delicate petals knew that the winter was coming and soon the time for flowering buds would be passed.

Below it were fallen leaves of the trees that offered their canopy and protection in the warm days of summer. There was crimson

rose-petals-autumn-elpaso-texascolor standing out from the brown, catching the water of the rain, and it painted a romantic picture to me.

I give thanks for the peaceful days of autumn, the colors the season as they come, and I look forward to a new day of inspiration.

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