A Wandering Musician: Chapter 4


Dark are thoughts with little faith,

Bleak are minds missing grace.

Sadness looms inside us all,

Without Him I would surely fall.

Chapter 4:

“Lorraine, aimlessly I have been wandering. I am full of questions but receive no answers. I am lost, my love: drifting in this ocean of uncertainty. When shall I be free?”

Grant tucked a note into his beat up suitcase then gazed in awe at the sight before him. He wished to capture the moment in his mind; the sound of birds swooping through the air while the sun and its beams peeked through the wood of the pier.

The noise of the lapping waves was welcome and pleasant. Almost like a mother gently humming a lullaby to her child. Grant smiled. He had no place to play tonight, nor a place to rest his head, but out here in God’s world he was hearing a symphony, and it seemed to bring some small joy to his burdened heart.

He took one last, longing, look then headed up the sandy beach. There were two lovers walking, their hands intertwined and the woman’s laughter echoed like the chiming of two glasses touching. He thought of how they made a beautiful song and he wished to write one for them. He had written many about his Lorraine and perhaps two other connected souls needed a hymn of their own.

He found himself in a bar that night. Grant asked the bartender if he could use the piano that sat on the stage. The man shrugged and said he didn’t care so Grant took to the stage and caressed the keys.

It was on a Sunday so there was only an occasional patron who would come and disturb the bartender’s reverie as he listened to Grant play. It was like the musician was weaving an enchantment across the place and though the barkeep had placed many years between the girl he loved and the present, he thought of her then as he listened to the song. It didn’t cause him pain but it was pleasant to see her face laughingly dance before his eyes and he was filled with a happiness he hadn’t known for a long while.

 “Lorraine, when I sing they leave me––the questions and the answers I seek. Also all the thoughts that weigh me down get left behind. The music seems to take the sadness away. Even though many a time I sing a mournful tune and it makes my heart heavy, it seems to express what I feel better than words ever could and so while I play, the torment has a release.”

*Note: This is a fictional story of a musician named Grant. It is loosely based on the places I traveled as a musician in a band. I was inspired by the photographs we had taken over the years as we went from coast to coast and North to South. Another source of inspiration was a song called “Suitcase Full of Sparks” by Gregory Alan Isakov since it brought to mind all the miles, joys and hardships of life as a musician.

I hope you enjoy it.

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