Frozen in Time

Sunrise Over New Mexico

Sunrise Over New Mexico

A moment is forever captured in time by a photograph. It is entrapped and frozen for all future generations to see what the photographer stood and saw those years past.

If only every moment in life were captured like a photograph so every memory we cherish would remain, as always in our mind, fresh and new like the day it happened.

This sunrise was unexpectedly beautiful. I was taken on a scouting excursion in New Mexico and had the privilege to photograph God’s great earth. It was something I had never done before, tramping across various mountains and landscapes. The scenery was impressive, and climbing over the rocks while balancing my camera to get ever higher made me feel as though the world was in the palm of my hand. It was an almost indescribable feeling of freedom and peace wrapped into one.


It brought a desire to go off adventuring more often and I have set my mind to do more tramping around on photography excursions.

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