Each Day is a Gift


Through Your earth I walk, gazing at Your works of art. Reaching out to touch the clouds I feel that heaven is within my grasp. I am no longer alone, nor do I feel the pains of the world surrounding. You are by my side to protect and defend but also to show me that life is beautiful.

This particular sunrise, as well as the sunset I had the privilege of photographing as the day drew to a close, was something spectacular to see. There have been struggles lately in my life as well as my family’s and yet despite it all, when I wander the peaceful places of the earth, I find that I can embrace the trials and grow from them – learn from them.

It isn’t easy and it takes time but soon you find the burden you once carried lighten. You gaze around at all the marvels before your eyes, the talents and gifts you were given and you try to discover the best way to utilize them. Yet it is hard because how do you apply the gifts and when? What do you do with them and how do you please God and follow His will?

You must journey alone many a time to discover what it is that will bring you happiness and fulfill the life you were meant to lead.


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