Splintered but Whole

I may be broken, pieces of me splintered like wood, yet I remain whole. I am capable of withstanding the storm, the bleakness and trials this life deals out like a magician with a card trick. Though I am weathered, I sense that I am being molded and tested to fulfill a greater purpose I have yet to understand. I stand firm in my faith and look heavenward to arms I know will love and comfort.

I have begun a new journey. One I did not expect to take but am willing to tread. Who knows where this winding adventure will lead me or what heartaches and joys I shall undertake, but I am here to undergo them all.

I am taking two weeks to travel and photograph our nation that I love. I feel it will take me along a path of self discovery and also allow me to appreciate the beauty of this world God has given us. I am impatient to begin, yet also tentative. I feel if I take these steps I will traverse into the unknown, which is both an exhilarating emotion as well as a scary one, for at the beginning of every path there is that moment where you wish to turn back to the safe – to the ordinary – and yet here you are gazing at the future, heart pounding.

Your hand outstretches and you know God is in front, and you follow behind.

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