A Journey

Before me is a road, where it goes I do not know. 
What lays beyond I can not see, I give no pause and follow thee. 
The evening air grew crisp and the buzzing of the bees faded to a dim whisper as the chirping of birds grew in volume. I was sitting on a hill, a blanket beneath me and food messily spilling from bags. It was a lovely picnic and I sprawled out soaking in the lingering rays of sun. It was serene and I drank in the mountain air and admired the work of nature. 
I rolled over and fumbled for my camera then propped myself up on my elbows to steady my Nikon and document the moment. The photo I posted above was my view that evening. Though I am proud of my work, it doesn’t quite do the actual sight justice. It does however remind me of my emotions at the time. I felt loved, enveloped by caring arms and hands. 
I have been on a journey these past few weeks across the greatest country to ever exist, searching for questions and answers alike. When you are given a moment such as the one I received that evening you find a certain understanding. You may not be sure what it is and will still have to work and seek the answers but you do learn you are not alone. 
There is always someone who loves you, cares for you, and will draw you close to their hearts and offer you comfort from the trials you have faced.  
I still am off wondering the land but soon this little adventure and chapter of my life will close but with every turning page and bump along the road I know I am loved and love in return. If I place my faith where it needs to be and continue with hope what new and wonderous beauty awaits? 
For now I close simply by saying, “God is in front, and I follow behind.”
Minions’ Photography

Please forgive any grammatical errors. My wonderful and amazing younger sister is normally so kind as to look over my work but since I am traveling my sloppiness will have to do! 

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