This Heart of Mine: Spokane, Washington

Manito Park Spokane, WA I wandered through the cool of the evening, with the gentle hush of flowers blooming around me, and in the clearing of grass, a ballerina was leaping through the air. The growing dark seemed to only bring more magic to the fantastical place. I was in a perfect moment in time, and my heart was full with love and life. I longed for it to stretch on. In this piece of heaven, how could I not have joy?

I wasn’t in some mythical land of fiction, but in Spokane, Washington.

The nature photos were taken late in the evening on an August day at Manito Park, and that was where the magic occurred. The park is truly something to see and it is a gem in the area. There is the rose garden, the Japanese gardens, acres of green grass, walking trails, and even swing sets and play areas for your children to explore. It was a dream of a place. I imagined Mary Lennox from “Secret Garden” may have had similar feelings as I had in the beauty, complexity, and yet also simplicity of nature. dsc_4511

I didn’t have as much time in Spokane as I would have liked, but I tried to still explore and was sure to take a walk downtown to photograph their streets before leaving.


I stayed in a hotel called Ruby2 and it was perfect. It only cost $62 dollars a night by booking through AirBNB and I was happy to be in the downtown area. The hotel itself had stunning rooms. They were clean, spacious, and equipped with a desk area. There was also a luxurious marble shower, with complimentary scented soaps of rosemary, chamomile and bergamot. When I stepped out of the shower, I was kept warm by the wall heater and wrapped myself in soft, fluffy towels. It was easy to get ready with the provided blowdryer and my toiletries spread across the expansive vanity. They also served breakfast downstairs and used local coffee which I found refreshing.


A dear friend of mine lives there, in Spokane. We met up early in the morning since she had work and shared a cup of coffee. I shared many stories about life back in El Paso, TX and she told me how things were different in Washington. It was good to see her as well as to hear about her life in the northern part of our land. I was sad when she had to go.

Spokane seemed a place I could have spent days exploring. I wish I had planned more time there, but I pray I will be back soon. Seattle called and I couldn’t stay. I was off to the next chapter of my trip.

I will post again in a short time and share more of my travels and places in the cities I went and enjoyed most. For now it is back to life in Texas, and getting settled back into the everyday workings that make up this home of mine.


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